Create and manage Salesforce webhooks in HookActions. You can connect your sandbox or production Salesforce account, securely, using OAuth.

Account connection

Salesforce accounts

Connect to any Salesforce account. HookActions supports both sandbox and production accounts. If you have multiple accounts, you can connect them all. HookActions supports unlimited Salesforce account connections.

Webhook creation

Create webhook

After you've connected your Salesforce account, you can create webhooks for any object you have access to in Salesforce. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Account
  • Opportunity
  • Lead
  • Order
  • User
  • And many more!

HookActions supports creating webhooks for the following Salesforce object events:

  • Before insert
  • Before update
  • Before delete
  • After insert
  • After update
  • After delete
  • After undelete

For additional security, HookActions will send an HMAC signed header to your specified URL. This helps verify that Salesforce actually sent the webhook to your server.