Making webhooks easy to use


Integrations, and more specifically webhooks, are a universal pain for developers. They are always the last thing to be added as an afterthought. As good engineers, we know that proper testing is important, and yet webhooks are the hardest thing to test.

Every third-party has a different API to create and manage them. The incoming data is always different, and if you’re lucky you’ll get some test data to send to your API. More often than not, webhook endpoints are pushed to production without proper testing.

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HookActions was started to solve these problems. As developers we want to feel confident when pushing that deploy button with our code. For most third-party integrations, we can’t feel this way.

Elijah worked at many tech companies in Silicon Valley and Europe, after having to integrate 100s of services he found that there was not a consistent way to manage them. Testing was even more difficult. You can send test data using other applications, but it’s just your best guess of what the data will look like. More often than not, he found the company pushing webhooks to production and debugging them live.

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This is not how good software should be built, yet we’re all guilty of doing this with webhooks because they’re so unpredictable. Start using HookActions today as your single source of truth for all your third-party webhooks.

Push to production faster and with more confidence using our command line interface to send real events to your local server. Spend time building the exciting features you wanted to build at your company and less time figuring out how the webhook data is structured and sent to your server.

HookActions is a completely bootstrapped company headquartered in the historic Ferris Wheel building in downtown Flint, Michigan.

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